The Stage is a vibrant restaurant serving up an international‭, ‬multi-ethnic cuisine as eclectic as the‭ ‬‘City of Angels’‭ ‬itself‭.
Just like the name suggests‭, ‬this restaurant offers a plethora of performance with live cooking stations and interactive kitchens where chefs can be seen firing up the grill‭, ‬shaking-up cocktails and putting their gastronomical skills to the test‭.‬
Featuring six food stations including Hollywood Boulevard‭, ‬Santa Monica‭, ‬Rodeo Drive‭, ‬Melrose Avenue and Union Station‭, ‬The Stage will satisfy all your cravings under one roof‭.‬

Paramount Hotels, Business Bay

AED39/month OR AED399/year

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